With great power comes great responsibility. A hero we need but don’t deserve.

These are examples of thank-you notes written by our teams for their Project Managers. They made us wonder about the heroic qualities PMs should have, so we ran a workshop to identify the PM brand by creating a Project Manager persona that fits our culture and mindset. We came up with a list of PM superpowers… and weaknesses.

Crisis busters: Manage crisis situations

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As a Project Manager, you stand at the forefront of each rough situation. You are the shield that guards the realm of developers. You are with the team through…

Warm welcome at Divante, the best e-commerce softwarehouse

As a result of the COVID-19 crisis, companies all over the world are now in remote-only mode and it is set to continue through the fall and into the coming year, as companies like Google and UBS have already announced globally or regionally that employees will be off-site until 2021.

As business operations continue, HR departments are working to make sure that companies have solid onboarding processes for remote workers and that the goals, vibe, and processes of the company are all clear to a new hire. …

So, you are communicative, confident, fluent in English and love to have everything planned right down to the last painstaking detail. Sounds like a great foundation for being a project manager, but there’s just one little thing standing in your way. You’ve never thought of yourself as an IT person. So, the million dollar question is: can you become a project manager in IT? This post will give you an idea of what skills and knowledge are required for project managers and whether technical expertise is the protein or a spice.

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Many people underestimate the role of soft skills when…

Marta Ciesielska

I’m a highly motivated person in constant pursuit of new development opportunities and outstanding work culture. My motto: Use your brain!

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